Sommit’s Buyer’s Remorse UDX JH OA OAJ RE

11/17/09 – 2/12/2022


Repo was truly our Renaissance Dog. He was the nicest guy to both humans and dogs, allowing our puppies to jump all over him. A wonderful hunter, he loved to retrieve like a competitive field dog but was totally under control for the obedience ring. He earned both his AKC obedience CDX and UD titles with wins,  scoring over 195/200.  Repo earned the coveted UDX title at our Winnebago Labrador Club Specialty in June 2017. He earned his OA and OAJ titles in Feb 2018 and then retired in order to spend more time with his family, especially hunting buddy Larry Waco.

Repo’s pedigree includes six generations of some of our favorite dogs: Charger, Suzie Q, Dean, Debit, Suzu, Gator and Flint.  In terms of accomplishment, these dogs have Olympic level titles in both performance and conformation!

Zephyr (left) and his dad, Repo, Sept ’16.  Repo and daughter Junuh, 2011.

If your dog is beyond the daily bed/blanket chewing this bed cover stays put and is very comfy.

Repo earned his 3rd High In Trial at the International Dog Show, Open B class 2/21/14.