LRC specialty Oct 12

Our dogs made us proud at the LRC Specialty, Oct 2012

Yes, they really did earn all those ribbons in just 2 days!



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Puppy Reunion August 11th 2012, click for pics

A huge success!

Daisy Kaeli Jun07

2010 Reunion June 13th



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What happens when two people share an interest in Labrador retrievers which extends beyond winning dog shows, obedience trials, hunt tests or field trials? In the case of Sue Sommer and Linda Waco, they combined forces to breed the ultimate Labrador Retriever: friendly to everyone, zealous to retrieve, eager to work and conforming to the AKC breed standard. Most Sommit Labs live as pets, where they excel at family life. We are most proud of our "Family, Friends and Fun" pages! Many of our Labradors compete in field trials and hunt tests, some are competitive obedience dogs, some guide the blind, work as therapy dogs or assistance dogs. We believe a proper Labrador Retriever can excel in any area its owner wishes to train it for; it just needs to start with the right pedigree!


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